Movie Reviewing

One thing I used to love a lot is movies. i used to work at a movie theater and while I worked there, I saw just about everything that came out because it was free.

Well, here, I'll get the opportunity to watch a lot of movies for free once more.

Anyway, i just saw a movie that really pissed me off. Some parts of it were funny, yeah, but it was so damn inconsistant and was trying to hard to be the first one, which I loved.

That movie was Meet the Fockers. They could have done a lot with this thing and instead they went over the top and it came out as one forced laugh after another. Bloody hell at times I was squirming uncomfortably wondering when it would end. Granted, there were funny moments, but I wanted to slap the Fockers because they were bloody hipocrits.

I think what pissed me off was the fact that the Fockers were liberals of the worst sense. All about being open with one's self, in the case of this movie, a little to much to the embarrassment of their son and the whole 'self esteem' thing throughout the movie, congratulating on a 10th place finish. And then they ridicule the host who's a bit more withdrawn and conservative for being, well, conservative.

I didn't realize how much I hated this movie until after I had finished watching it and slept on it a bit.

Or maybe it was because Barbara Streisand was in it and there is something about her that really bugs me.

Damn, i could go on and rant about this movie. And I had been really looking forward to it too.

Curse you, Hollywood for continuing to release crap like this! I am mad at you! I haven't seen a decent movie since the Incredibles! (at one time I wanted to work for Pixar, still do in fact)

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