Anonymous Messages

I got a cryptic message on the door. . . it was a simple envelope that simply said 'SGT E' with a blank CD Rom attached.

At first I didn't know what it was, but then I thought it might be the pictures that SPC H (the task force photographer) giving me the extra pictures she took of my photoshoot (that I guarantee I will never see the end of when that issue of the guardian comes out)

No, I popped the CD into my computer and there was a video of me air strumming my M16 to Thund'her'Struck.

Did I mention that a lot of people deployed here read my blog? You know how eerie that is sometimes?

And is it a coincidence that within a couple of days after my post about an incident that happened over a month ago, an anonymous CD turns up on my door describing pictures I didn't have?

I think I'll take a few stills off the CD and post them here.

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