Rockabilly and All Girl Cover Bands

The Battle of the bands indeed. . .

Ok, on top of current events, this post will pick up on an event that happened well over a month ago. Meaning this post will be picture intensive. Because I love pictures.

I'll start with the old and end with the new. . .

All Girl Cover Bands

Sometime in June, we had a group called Thund'HER'Struck come in and treat us to a rockin' good time with a bunch of songs from AC/DC. They were an all girl cover band. And they were fun.

Though several people mentioned the fact of them singing 'Big Balls' (by request I might add) was somewhat wrong. But I enjoyed them despite the fact. As I enjoyed it when they invited all of the females in the audience up on stage with them to rock out.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me air-strumming my M16. I could probably find some from somebody around post, there were a lot of people in the audience with cameras taking pictures.

Anyway, without further ado, pictures of an all girl ACDC cover band playing hard for the troops in Kosovo.

Here's a shot of the soldiers enjoying the concert.

Its the Drummer. . .

Rhythm Guitar. . .

Bass Guitar. . .

This is why I miss having long hair. . .

Band going Body Surfing!!!

The Entire band ended up jumping into the crowd, I tried to get the drummer in mid air but got a small delay in my camera.

Me with the band, when it started to get cold. . .

. . . the bassist stole my Boy's jacket! (but don't worry, he got it back after the fact) And if you wanted to see what my boy looks like, well, there he is. He's the only male in the group, of course :)

I got quite a few pictures of them rockin' out, as I tend to do.


And then, last week, we had another band come and treat us to a rockin' good time singing some Rockabilly. What, you may ask, is Rockabilly? Well, I was asking the same thing, as I hadn't heard it before. Nate was trying to describe it to me and told me it was like a hybrid sound of country, rock, surfer, swing and oldies, or something. When I just kind of gave him a 'what?' look, he mentioned the Stray Cats, and then I asked him about Stray Cat Strut. So I was trackin, sort of.

The Bassist even emphasized the Stray Cat influence.

Anyway, this band called Jack Knife and the Sharps came and introduced me to this genre of music and I found myself enjoying myself, meaning I might just have to check out this genre more often. But maybe it was because I was also in the company of Nate, who Swing Dances. And when they started singing swing, he took us out and we started dancing.

I'm not much of a dancer, but I've always wanted to learn how to Swing Dance and so we started busting some moves.

Live Bands Rock, by the way.

Becuase I'm inexperienced with Swing, we didn't do anything to crazy, but later he showed me some other moves we can try when the time arises and we find ourselves the only ones dancing in front of a bunch of people.

Usually, the Bassist plays a standing bass, you know, the REALLY big violin type instrument, which would have been really cool but flying into a warzone sometimes you have to make sacrifices and leave gargantuan instruments back home. *sniff*

I love this guitar. Its so cool. In fact, I found myself paying a lot of attention to how they played the guitar, seeing as I'm learning myself.

Later, in introducing his band, Ric (the singer) told us he picked up his Bassist at a Garage Sale and his Drummer off of Ebay. *snicker* What, it made me laugh!

The drummer reminds me of a skinnier version of my brother-in-law, who happens to be a drummer :)

It has become customary for me to get a picture with the band. Because I love bands. They rock. Literally. I asked to pose with them and Ric put his guitar around my neck and it hung past my knees. That's what I get for being short.

Next time I'll try not to wait a month and a half to gloat to you about the cool people I get to meet.

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