Referrals from the Dead

I had a little blast from the past recently. Ok, so not so much, it was more in regards to before this deployment. During my brush with my 15 minutes of fame in regards to the whole election and not sorry photograph that got me, oh, about 95% of my readers.

In retrospect, that whole incident couldn't have come at a worse time in regards to me trying to keep up with it and get ready to deploy. But I spent a good portion of the two weeks following my posting of that picture just tracking down how far it had gone, which led me to forums, blogs, and of course, even the democratic underground. The little referrers javascript I had placed only a few weeks earlier on the bottom of the website really came in handy. Apparently I startled a few people when following back on references and posting out of the blue.

Well, since a lot of people have blog rolled me, its harder to follow those referring links now. But every once in a while, I come across a link that rises from the dead. Especially something like a Forum Topic.

Case in point, Lightfighter's Tactical Forum (unfortunately you have to register to see it). When I initially found them, I think I gave them a shock when I posted there.

Following referrers. *sighs* Those were the days.

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