Getting Closer to the End of the Stretch, and the Restlessness has Kicked In

So yeah, still house keeping. It will probably take me two weeks to get that organized, and then I'll be gone. And I will be grateful.

The Sergeant in Charge noted my moodiness lately. In which I'll likely reply 'eh.' I was thinking of this and I realized that I don't get outside the wire enough. So most people probably look at me and think "what do you mean, you don't get outside the wire enough? You're PM! PM always goes outside the wire!"

Yeah, Preventive Medicine is always going out of the wire, but when I go out of the wire, I'm usually going someplace else TO DO WORK! And to do work that I don't particularly like, however I do it because its my job.

I just realized that I haven't been in any other sector except for MNB-E, which is where I live, and MNB-Central, which is where the Airport, KFOR Main, and all that Jazz is located. I drive through Pristina to get there, however I've never actually been to Pristina.

We had a women's conferance in Ferazai last week that I went to, and it was just nice to get to go someplace I had never been before. Traffic was crazy, like it usually is, but it was just a Nice Change of Pace. Just seeing parts of the country and stuff that I hadn't seen yet.

I want to go to the German camp or something, but I can't seem to go to anyplace unless I have a valid reason to go there. Is 'I need to get out more' a valid reason? And not just Ghilane and Ferazai, I mean seeing parts of Kosovo I hadn't seen yet. I don't want to tour the streets and go shopping, I've done that already. I actually want to see some of the other camps and cities and such.

That, and we're not even allowed to stop and mingle to and from places. So I go to Monteith, or one of the other camps. My mission is to go there and come back. You aren't allowed to stop for any reason.

Big Duke was a really nice change. But I'm still restless. Good thing Leave is quickly approaching. Can't wait for that.

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