Blogs and Technical Difficulties

My Laptop is going into "I must baby this poor sucker with every resource that I can muster" mode. . .

It's gone through quite a beating on this deployment, and I started with 3 USB ports. I'm down to Two left (and those two are on again off again)

Lesson learned, USB ports are the most important piece of your computer in this day and age. So you need to baby them. You must nurture them, and take extreme care of them.

So, as soon as I get back to the states, this laptop is going to be taken in to be repaired, because I need those USB ports to do about 80% of the things I do on the computer. It's my PRECIOUS!!!

Ok, that's going a bit far I suppose. But anyway, now that I'm finding myself in the role of OFFICIAL WEB DESIGNER of TASK FORCE MED FALCON *bring out the trumpets and roll out the red carpet* I'm finding that I have to revert back to using my laptop to update the website. And it makes it difficult when the USB ports don't want to cooperate. *sob*

Which reminds me. I've got another blog now. . . sort of. Its actually the unit blog, so it will be a milblog geared to the unit, not me. And you can't make comments on it because its not set up like that (I wanted to set this thing up through Blogger or some other Blogging service but the FTP server doesn't like Blogger)

Its the Task Force Med Falcon Newsbox. On top of having uncooperative software and webserver changes and logging problems, this website has been kind of a plague to my existence since I was tasked with putting it together. Anyway, my current dilemma is getting the rest of the task force on board.

More on that later. Meanwhile, I have to go to work on that DNBI stuff. And then I have to write a report on the efficiency of the sections giving me information for the DNBI report. And then I have to work on the Unit Website. Again.

Maybe I can find some time to commit the NCO creed to memory sometime between all of these tasks, but we'll see. . .

I wonder if I should get a new computer???

Nah, I'll just have to baby this one a few months longer.

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