Care Package Status - Update

I've had to condense my space from having a little to much room to having not very much at all. Not that I mind, as I've been very fortunate to have the room to just spread out and do my own thing.

Well, that changed, and today I took a few items and shipped them home. And the bill to ship it all told me "ouch!" Fortunately I have another five months or so to start shipping things home, but that still leaves me with the issue of all this crap I've got that eventually has to go somewhere. Whether that be to the incoming soldiers on the next KFOR rotation, in the trash, at the MWR library, or back home.

Choices choices. Hmm.

Anyway, I feel like the status of my Care Packages should be updated. To start, I want to thank everyone for their generosity who decided to make my day by sending me something special, off of my Amazon Wishlist, whether it be a care package full of miscellanious goods, or just a letter with a kind word.

Well, from the first few months of being known throughout the task force as having the most packages, from both my blog and being the one to start the Any Soldier Bandwagon, I've gotten so many books, movies, and other interesting goods that I'll never get through them all on this deployment.

So I took my Amazon Wishlist down. I want to thank everyone who bought me something off of it, but it has gotten to a point where the more stuff I get, the more inclined I am to keep it, and then I have to ship it home when all is said and done. I've been far too spoiled on this deployment as it is.

So what does that mean? If you find it in your heart to send me stuff, what should you send me?

Er, stuff to eat is always good. We share it with the rest of the hospital and it goes pretty fast. I would say Letters, but I've done a poor job of returning them (and I've been bad on the Emails!) Basically, anything that won't hold a sentimental value in that I can leave it here when I go home.

That basically means I'm going to stop asking mom to send me stuff. Well, other then perhaps Eurail tickets. And an occaisional snack.

You all have been great. Thanks for your support so far!

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