Who Loves the USO?

I Do, I Do!

The USO came around Bondsteel yesterday doing a tour with GEN Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. For those of you who don't know, GEN Myers is the Highest ranking person in todays Army. Well, actually he's even higher, because he's not in the Army. He's Air Force, but I won't hold it against him. . .

Meanwhile, well, this is a USO Tour. USO conjours up images of Bob Hope on Christmas.

Well, Bob Hope is no longer with us, so other celibrities have come to try to fill his shoes as best as they can.

Master of Ceremonies was none other then Leeann Tweeden, of FHM and Maxim fame, as well as ESPN and other venues of Testosterone Entertainment. She was very nice, though being a babe in a sex starved military deployment, when they split the groups up to get autographs, a bunch of guys went to her line. I decided to go a different route, though I would have loved to get her autograph. I did end up getting a card signed by her, one of those generic ones that she presigned to go around, but I decided to be nice and give it to Nate who had fore-gone the USO tour to take the Pilgrimage trip to Letnica for spiritual enlightenment. He's catholic.

There was also a run on the PX's Sports Section, from what I heard they sold over a hundred footballs. See, Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers showed up too. I missed out on getting an autograph from him as well, considering, well, the forementioned Football Blowout. There were a lot of people in line wanting to get an autograph and these Celebrities were only there for an hour and a half to entertain us and then gift us with their John Hancock.

Well, that leaves the fun old fashioned comedy routine, brought on by two talented comedians who gifted us with some jokes that were at times making the generals blush upstage thinking *what have we done?* It wasn't PC in the slightest bit, and that's probably why I laughed that hard.

Jeffrey Ross was first. He hosts this routine on Comedy Central called The Roast where they honor any given celibrity by dishonoring them. Apparently he had just finished Roasting Pamela Anderson the night previous. He was a bit raunchy, but pretty freakin' funny!

Last up was Colin Quinn. You may know him from venues such as Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central's 'Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn', amongst other shows. I knew him from SNL, in fact, right off the bat, he's the first name I recognized. And like Jeffrey Ross, he made me laugh. Hard. I took some video, but I got to remember to dump my memory stick before going to things like this. I did the same thing at the ThundHERstruck Concert.

I loved his metaphor on the war on terror and the nations involved compared to a bar fight. Classic. . .

I'm going to have to watch more SNL when I get home now.

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