Art, and More Art

I just thought I would mention about my Gallery. I updated it slightly, because I got a whole bunch of art from people when I was selected for the draw in one of these art exchange live journal communities. I had them draw characters out of my webcomic.

I feel all special now. And I finally got the pictures listed on my Gallery. That thing is going to get pretty large at this rate.

I've really been in an art mood as of late, and not just illustration but really getting into the desire to do funky things with art, and add to my online portfolio which is a little weak at the moment. I've been trying to do some things with the colored pencil, especially after my Wacom tablet decided to play the 'will I work?' game and I found out I don't like to illustrate so much with colored pencils. But I think I'm going to really start focusing on drawing things more.

I think I'm going to draw a pigeon.

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