Abby and Blaine

I've learned that its kind of hard to take pictures of Ferrets. They really don't stand still long enough for you to grab that kodak moment.

I've been researching getting a ferret for the last few months, and I finally got my area ferret proofed enough to go get a couple. I thought it would be a good idea to get a couple of ferrets because that way they always have each other.

Even with all my research, I may have been a little over my head with these little guys.

I don't know if I'll rename them or not, but in case I don't, this is Abby and Blaine. They have been together for a while and since I wanted to get a pair, I decided it would be better if I got ones that have been together for a while. They look a lot alike, especially in pictures. Their coloring is almost identical. Just Blaine is bigger then Abby.

I'll work on trying to get a couple pictures where I don't feel like I have to crop myself out because I look like a freakin' idiot.

This is Abby. She's a sweet girl, but I have to pay particular close attention to her because she can get to places Blaine can't go.

And Blaine. Like I mentioned before, he's bigger then Abby. And a bit fatter. But he still has that Ferret Boing Factor.

Kiki off of Sluggy Freelance. Yep. That's exactly how Ferrets act.

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