Bought a Bed

I finally bought myself a bed.

Its kind of a bed that requires more then one person to put together, and the furniture place was a little concerned when they sold it to me if I would need any assistance in putting it up. My reply?

"I took woodshop in High School, I think I can handle it."

He laughed of course, and my brother and I picked the bed up from the warehouse. I can't sleep on it yet because I don't have my mattress currently.

What's kind of funny about the whole bed thing is a lot of people I talked to about this specific type of bed seemed to assume I was buying it for a child. THen I would have to explain that no, it was for me. See, I'm currently in a room with no closet space and I don't want to take up a huge area with a bed. I might as well combine the floor space to make the most out of my, well, space.

So a Loft Bed it was!

And to bring the most BANG for my buck, I got one that crammed the most stuff into as small a space as possible. Which brings me to my bed. This isn't the bed I have, but it looks remarkably similar to mine.

I'm planning on sleeping on the top bunk and using the bottom space for storage. For now. I'm used to sleeping on a top bunk, mind you. I've been in the army for nearly seven years and I always managed to sleep on a top bunk. In fact, what prompted me to get a bed like this was my time spent in AIT. We had Loft beds there with our cubby hole and desk and everything else underneath. Very efficient. And I'm out of drawer space with my current dresser. When buying this bed, I was totally in College Student Practicality mindset. I'm just glad I have space to store my junk now!

I've got a nice mattress from Serta that should arrive by Thursday. WHich is the same day as my dental appointment.

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