Experiencing Technical Difficulty

So, what is the lifespan of a computer used on a daily basis? That also has a tendency to travel the world might I add?

I've had my laptop for almost two years, and it appears to be on its last leg. Same goes for the ol' desktop I passed off on my parents when I deployed. Its going on three and a half years. What's the deal with electronics these days anyway?

My computer has some kind of glitch in it, where when I try to load my web browser, it thinks for a moment, downloads the website, and the window closes before I get the chance to browse. I've cleared my cookies, emptied out my internet files, cleared the history, all that good stuff. I would have tried to restore my computer except for some reason my restore points got turned off and I had no recent point to fall back on. So suddenly, I'm stuck with a computer that doesn't want to work.

Must be a glitch. I found a backdoor to get onto it. Basically, I wait for Yahoo Messenger to load, and when it tells me I have new messages, I click on the new messages and load onto the webpage and can browse that way. But it kind of sucks to have to wait for new email to get online. Fortunately, with the amount of spam that I get, I always have some email so every time I boot Messenger I got that way to get on.

Meanwhile, my wireless internet has fried and I can't load up on that either. I tried to reload it several times thinking that was the problem when it turns out it wasn't. So no wireless internet either.

And I learned first hand that Microsoft is the devil. I swear the customer service rep was from another country, one of those outsourced job things, and they told me that if I wanted to troubleshoot my browser problem, I had to go online to do it. Mind you this was before I discovered the Messenger Back Door. If they wanted to help me online, well, get prepared to pay up.

I've been trying to work on some website related things, (for my other ongoing website that is) and Photoshop is now acting glitchy. Mind you, its not closing the window before it fully loads like my parent's desktop is currently doing (but at least she has internet that doesn't require a back door). My wacom tablet is also on again off again.

I've got a glitchy computer, and although it sort of gets the job done, I guess I'm a bit spoiled and like my computer to be glitch free. On my to buy list for when school starts, included will be a new computer with all the fixins. Because I can't have a laptop crashing on me and loosing all of my files when they are actually worth my grade.

And I don't want to fall back on the sorry excuse of My Computer Ate My Homework either.

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