Art Combined with Life

I really need to draw more, and not just sketches colored on the computer. I mean I really need to draw and paint and do more of the traditional art more.

Its kind of cool that we have a bit of a studio set up in the basement now, so I can actually make a mess with my paints and stuff and its all cool. That's what the room is for. Upstairs is getting more of a home-like feel to it, and all in all, its feeling like home. This place didn't feel like home back in February.

Meanwhile, I'm working on getting a job and not spending money. I'm kind of found myself on a budget for the first time in, well, a year and a half. So I have to maintain some discipline that doesn't include going out and buy a LCD Flatscreen Television and the such (however, we really did kind of need the TV upstairs).

I should be fine in the long run.

Latest piece of Illustration I did, includes a Kelpie stallion that looks kind of. . . dead.

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