Internet Connection is a Must

I now have my own internet. . . finally.

The neighbors have wireless internet, and being cheapskates, we were kind of borrowing theirs. HOwever, it being THEIR internet, they can turn it on and off when ever they dang well feel like it. Which can be problematic.

So after a couple of weeks of on again off again internet access, I broke down and got internet through Comcast. Mostly because we need Cable Internet (we rely on cell phones so we don't have the DSL option unless we go for the gusto) and its faster then DSL. And they have specials right now.


Meanwhile, Season Five of Smallville came out on Tuesday, and I bought it. That was my one big spendature I was planning for. Now we are focusing on making improvements to the house. And this does not mean painting the entire front room Lime Peel Green framed in Orange Tainted Yellow. Which is the color it is now. And it is hideous.

THe plans we have for this place. They be many.

Still no dog or ferret. I've kind of taken a small break from acquiring a pet at this time. So all I have is Clark the fish. And he's doing great.

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