Range and PT Test

In the army, after attending a range excercise, it is not uncommon to have extra rounds left over. Because of the paperwork involved and the logistics nightmare of extra rounds left over after a range, the easiest thing to do is just use the rest of them up. You try to make it so that you have more then enough ammo for a range so that you aren't caught short. Usually, in cases such as this, we had more.

So it meant firing it all down range. Usually you just try to expel it down range as quickly as possible. So my aiming technique here is not my best.

My shoulder was pretty soar for the PT test today. Still passed it with no problem. I better not fail, considering I'm trying to be a Drill Sergeant someday and I better be able to hang in there with the best of them. And it always helps to be able to give a good impression. Unfortunately, in this unit I take them monthly.

In other news, like that NCOER I had mentioned previously, my current unit had to get started on mine, which is due in November. Yeah, it looks like I have time, but if you look at this from a reservist's standpoint, that's in four days (see, we drill two days a month) so it had to get done this weekend. And so far, its a favorable one. In fact, I got an excellence in Competence. Which is a different story from my last NCOER, which says I'm completley incompetent.

It helps to have NCOs that give a damn, you know?

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