Dogs and Ferrets

I went to the shelter today looking at dogs. It sort of came down to three.

This is Bo. Bo almost came home with me today. I had it all set out to adopt him and take him with me until it was pointed out that any dog I adopted would be an outdoor dog only, they wouldn't let me adopt this specific dog. He is really sweet however, he does need a good brush, and right now his bark is gone but overall he seemed like a good companion. Unfortunately, he is a German Shephard mix, and my mother has an aversion to German Shephards (on account of getting attacked by one) so that did make me kind of leary of him, but he did not appear in the least bit aggressive.

Alas, Bo did not come home with me.

This is Cosmo, another sweet dog that looked like I could bond with. One of the reasons why I chose Bo over Cosmo is because Cosmo does Bark. And Chew. And dig. But according to his paperwork, that was likely something I could work with. He is pretty cute, and really sweet. However, he didn't really like being left alone. And being a pure outdoor dog, I don't want him to get depressed and bark a lot.

Poonsa has been at the shelter for over a year, and when I looked at her, she seemed really mellow and low key. However my concern (as I'm going to be using this dog as a running buddy) that she seemed a little stiff when she walked. The poor thing is ready to come home with somebody, and I thought she was quite cute. She appears to be part rottweiler, and despite their reputation, I've known rottweilers that were practically lap dogs where the only threat of them is if they lick you to death.

There are two other animal shelters that I'll likely take a look at, as well as a Basset Rescue. We love bassets, and would make an exception for the outdoor only rule if I managed to talk my brother into adopting one with me (they're indoor dogs). He's always wanted to get a Basset and name it Rigamortis (don't ask).

Meanwhile, coming home without Bo with me did make me double think about the whole 'owning a dog' thing, as I'm not sure how long I'll be living here and I don't know what my living arrangements will be in the not to distant future, and I would hate to adopt a dog only to find myself having to give 'em up when I was forced back into the whole apartment spiel one day.

I would still love to get a Ferret. Maybe two. The brother is actually open to this suggestion, however I couldn't take it running with me. I have read up on Ferrets, did some research and I think I could handle a ferret if I chose to get one or two. If I had a choice in the ferret I adopted, I would either get a traditional female ferret with a mask and name her Kiki, or get an albino male and name him Draco. After Harry Potter. For some reason, I also thought Maximillion would make a good Ferret name.

Maximillion would make a good dog name too. If I got a new dog, chances are I'd rename him Max. Unless it was a she of course.

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