Analyzing Smallville

So, Season Five is complete, and I think Season Six starts thursday, or something.

I don't have cable however, in fact I don't have access to any television right now. So I might just have to swing by the parent's if I want to watch it on its original medium, which would be the Television, commercials and all. I've only watched Smallville on DVD however. I guess I'm spoiled.

Regardless, now that Season Five is done, I have noted a trend in the series. I really like it, despite the fact that I've never been a genormous fane of Superman or anything, but probably because of all the wierd and improbable things that happen in it. Kind of like Angel and Buffy. I must like the subtle blend of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Being a geek and all.

I've also noted that while I like the series, it tends to bug me for certain reasons. If you take the shows individually, the rest of the series aside, they are actually well done and enjoyable. Same goes with the season arcs, the main story throughout the season I mean. Its when you start meshing the many different episodes together that it starts to bug you. Kind of like how many times each of these characters has been shot, had their memory wiped, become paralyzed, been in a life threatening accident, end up in the hospital, get thrown across the room, been possessed by strange forces, etc etc. Its one thing if this happens to Clark, but its happened to ALL the characters. The medical bill of these people must be outragious! Of course, Lex Luthor will always step in with his checkbook to help out.

There is also a lot of Meteor Freaks that in the instance that anybody does find out about Clark's secret, why would they get upset? I mean, in Smallville, its NORMAl to be abnormal. Or so it seems.

But who am I kidding? Any series with James Marsters in it is ok by me. Bring on Season Six and more meteor freaks!

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