52 to 48

So, now that the left won the election, they want to play nice.

Remember in 2004, when they lost? We were treated with this drivel.

I became somewhat famous for my rebuttal.

Now that we elected a socially acceptable candidate, it's all peaches and cream now, so Everything's spiffy!

And in a gesture to reach across the isle, there is 52 to 48, with love.

This has been going on in the blogosphere, commenting on the last few days of the election. Although I agree with the sentiment, I see that the left is more willing to reach to the right when they have won, but if somehow McCain had managed to pull out a victory, there would be the same vile hate mongering that we got with the last eight years of Bush.

As for my opinions on Bush, I still do not regret voting for him, I don't think he was a bad president as everyone makes him out ot be. I think as a person he is a decent human being who was doing the most thankless job in the world. I like him as a person, I wish he had done better as a president, but I'll get on with my life.

As for the Obama voters thinking its all peaches and cream and we need to get together and love one another, you'll have to pardon me if you think because you are in charge, I'm going to just say 'ah shucks, you said it so nicely, let's be best friends and unite and become one country under The One!'

I actually think Obama is going to be a disaster for this country, McCain would have been a little better, but I'll accept your offer of unity when it turns out that I was wrong about Obama. And only time will tell.

Regardless, I will stay classy and if it does turn out that Obama is an unmitigated mistake that has no business being the leader of the free world, I'll try not to say 'told you so'.

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