Protesting Continues

In the aftermath of the election, I have been following the Prop 8/Mormon Temple protests pretty closely. I guess I take them pretty personally, and have talked more about my faith in my blog since the elections then the six years I've had a blog before that.

So people are now protesting in Manhattan, again giving the response of how dare the church get involved in "taking political stances and calling them moral when it's nothing but politics."

I've already stated my opinion on Prop 8 and my opinion of the rallies that oppose it and are protesting the church for its passing of it. As for this being a 'political issue', the church only sees it as a moral issue, period.

People seem to think that this is some hateful stance, but need I remind everyone, the church has not changed its policy on homosexual conduct in the years it has been restored. It believes homosexuality to be immoral and wrong, and the church plays a huge role in the protection of traditional marriage, which is believed to be the foundation of the family, which is at the very center of our religious beliefs. The church takes this very seriously, and it is not doing it with the intention to be hateful and mean, it takes this stance because the issue of family, and the role family plays is very instrumental to the foundation of our faith. Everything centers around the traditional family unit, and despite the statistics of divorce and single parenting and what not, the traditional family unit is still central to the church.

But because people are suddenly overwhelmingly targeting the church, and other organizations for helping pass Prop 8, they are taking to the streets, protesting in mass, and threatening institutions. Over the weekend, seven LDS chapels had their windows shot out, though the police are hesitant to say that it is related to Prop 8. Speculate all you want, but the timing is impecable. There is also news of people sending white powder to LDS Temples in SLC and LA, causing the buildings to be evacuated and investigated. Fortunately, it appeared to be a prank, but it is a blatant attack.

Yes, the church has experienced backlash on this issue, but I know they will stick to their guns and continue to follow the beliefs that we have always held, and a few people holding a bunch of signs picketing the temples will not change the minds of our leaders. And further more, the more violent and angry the crowds get, they will eventually turn into mobs, and by attacking the church, I think there may be some backlash towards them.

Although this is not the mindset of all gay people, it is appearing to be the common group think of more and more people, who think that 'violence is the answer.' Attacking religious organizations for encouraging their members to utilize their right of free speech to vote their conscience and being attacked will alienate more people then it will help to persuade. And it certainly won't convince to many mormons. At church on Sunday, I noticed a lot of people there were making pretty much the same comments.

"Well, looks like we're being persecuted again."

"This must be what the pioneers experienced."

According to practicing Christians, in the final days the good will be called evil and evil will be called good. Am I saying Homosexuals are evil? No, I'm saying homosexuality is a sin according to God. And pardon me for preaching, but the actions in these 'Latter Days' are proving this notion correct more and more, as this action against those of strong religious beliefs are finding themselves attacked and persecuted by the 'wicked', and I will use that term because one definition of wicked is 'morally bad', and if you believe homosexuality is a sin, then by its definition the act of homosexuality is bad. And those who actively take part in it and encourage it instead of fighting against it can be defined as wicked. And by fighting against it, I mean the urge to take part in homosexual behavior. I speak from personal experience, read that as you will.

If you want to call that hate speech, that's fine by me, even though I'm merely stating my opinions, as I had a lot of respect for some people of homosexual orientation as i believe it is the sin you are protesting, not the person themselves, but their actions over the last week have made me think that they no longer deserve my sympathy, and in fact over the last two weeks, I have become stronger in my faith then I have in years, where three months ago I was pretty much inactive. And seeing these actions occur around me has made me realize what the state the world is in and my own need to prepare myself for what is bound to be an interesting turn of events over the course of these next few years.

So, when a group starts talking about Burning Churches, and begins actively vandalizing our buildings and threatening our members, I merely need to look back into history and think 'hmm, where have I seen this before?'

Yep, angry mobs have razed one of our temples and murdered our Prophet. It may have taken a while, but we rebuilt it, and our faith is as strong as ever.

So keep attacking the Catholics, Rick Warren, Evangilicals and churches inLansing Michigan. Because ironically enough, as much as some of these faiths do have preached in the past against Mormons, this is a rally cry for different faiths to band together. So thanks for unifying various faiths in this matter. It's been swell.

Meanwhile, like I said before, I don't hate gay people, I just disagree with the lifestyle, but some people have the right mindset with this radical nonsense. Opponents of Prop 8, you might be winning over some hearts and minds with your 'peaceful protests' that are turning more and more violent, but I think you are also alienating a lot of people by your actions. Go protest if you want, but maybe you should take your protest to the capital of California and leave the churches out of it, who have every right to their beliefs and opinions just as you have every right to live your lifestyle. Besides, the ones who are coming off as intolerant are the ones that are frequently preaching that we must be tolerant of their lifestyles. They don't seem to be particularly tolerant of a religion's right to believe that their behavior is sinful. That doesn't constitute hate, that is just a system of beliefs.

Of course, the protesters want to rally against the will of the voters in California and everywhere else. Gay marriage propositions have come up in thirty states (twice now in California). Gay Marriage has been defeated in every one.

And now, suddenly its all the Mormons' fault.

Fine then. My comments are below, I don't delete them unless they're spam. Protest me if you think my church is hateful and mean, I stand with my religion and I stand by my beliefs. Continue protesting in the streets if you wish, I am still a soldier, and I will defend your right to do so. But I still maintain my personal beliefs that homosexuality is wrong. And protesting my church will not get it to change its position, you have my word on that.

Ramble much?

Update: Famous Mormon Author Orson Scott Card shares his views on this topic.

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