The Death of Civil Discourse

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"We disagree with your opinions, so we are going to protest you and run you out of business because nobody can disagree with US! We're mad, so we are going to use hypocritical tactics to thrust our viewpoints upon you and force you to accept our way as the ONLY way!" - Truly, these are the signs of the times.

If you live in or are near LA in the near future, go to El Coyote and show your support of freedom of speech and expression by supporting them.

I wouldn't really mind the outcome of all this under normal circumstances really. If gay marriage became a reality in all 50 states, I would have gone on with my life. But I hope the backlash felt from all of these inane boycotts hits these protesters bad. Somebody needs to point out that there is a better way, and this will eventually wear thin on the voting populace who looks at these people as sore losers.

What's next? "Hey, here's a brilliant idea. Let's Boycott Sundance! Because it's in the state of Utah, LDS headquarters are in Utah, so it will affect those EVIL Mormons!"

Meanwhile, a lot of Utah Mormons are thinking "they're boycotting Sundance? Sweet! Maybe Robert Redford will take it somewhere else from now on." And a lot of Liberal Utah Non-Mormons are thinking "But, Sundance doesn't even affect the Mormons! Why are they boycotting one of the best things Utah had going for it?"

I'll just let you know, boycotting Sundance isn't going to change a damn thing. Seeing that Sundance is a liberal movie love-fest, boycotting it will hurt the liberal agenda more then the small fraction of the voting population that lawfully excercised their voting rights.

H/T - Michelle Malkin and Instapundit

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