Rock Band for XBox

So I swapped over to the Xbox 360 and got Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour (just the guitar for the latter) and can play both games on the accessories that they come with.

Very addictive game, but now that I'm home, I can get other people to play with me. It's also fun to create avatars and make your likeness and watch them rock out.

I've been asked to bring it so that the whole family can play this weekend, which was one of the perks with getting it, it is a great group game.

So, the verdict is in. The recommended system for this genre of games is Xbox 360 (or PS3 if you have one, but between the two I keep hearing Xbox is the way to go).

If you are on XBox Live, friend me. My Gamertag is (surprise) Risawn. I'm not actually playing online yet, but I've got an account and all, and if it turns out that I have no semblance of life whatsoever, maybe I'll start playing online eventually?


Probably not. I'll go through a phase, and then go back to playing Wii a bit again.

And before you think it, yes, I'm going to be selling my Wii Rock Band game to somebody I know who is getting a Wii and doesn't have the benefit of being single with no responsibilities to go out and buy a bunch of crap like I do.

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