elections over, we can get on with our lives now

Obama won. I noticed that through the blogs that there appeared to be evidence of a lot of fraud, but he still won by a large enough margin that the fraud might not have made any difference.

Most people I noticed who were for McCain seem to be a little down, but are also not wallowing in self pity and out to cry foul. They are accepting the outcome (I think many people were expecting it) and conceeding the election gracefully and deciding to move on with their lives.

I will undoubtedly be highly critical of President-elect Obama, but as long as he serves as President, I will support his authority and position. I don't think I'll be a huge activist, but I will definitely be watching the government closely, and will undoubtedly keep following the conservative blogs.

McCain ran a decent enough race I guess, but he came into this going into an uphill battle with a lot of things going against him.

I just hope that the changes Obama makes don't destroy this country and that he is not the socialist that I think he is.

The next four years will tell us, won't they?

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