National Ammo Day

It's National Ammo Day! Celebrate your law abiding 2nd ammendment constitutional rights by going to your local gunshop and picking up 100 rounds of your favorite ammunition!

I picked up 260 rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm for my AK-47 as well as some .410 Gauge Rifled slugs for the new Taurus Judge I just bought. I wanted something for self defense and was really itching toward a revolver. At first I was thinking about getting something a little smaller, but it just felt right.

And it looks mean as hell. A perfect weapon for my Zombie Plan without being an all out shotgun. I just got to get more ammo for it.

I pick it up in a week.

Obama has been very good for the Gun Economy. The guys at the shop were mentioning that they would like to have an election every month to help boom their sells.

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