Things have been somewhat quiet on the blog front. Its the holiday season, so the family is in town and we are all hanging out over at the Parent's house. I took my Rock Band 2 game on Xbox and got everyone (but my dad) addicted. He loves it when I do that.

I finished at least the 50,000 words of my NanoWrimo novel, enough to say I completed the task, even if the novel is not done and I have to take a break from it for a while. I tend to do that every now and then. Move onto another one, work on it for a time. Come back. That's how I write.

Fancy I haven't ever finished anything.

Meanwhile, I have not been following anything worldly over the last few days. I just have been busy enjoying the company of my family and writing. And unlocking a lot of songs on Rock Band.

I really do need to work on that job thing. Good thing the economy is shot and hiring is kind of at a stand still right now, it gives me an excuse to not look right away. I guess. I know, a sorry excuse if there ever was one, but I really am just enjoying the chill factor right now, where I just want to sit back and enjoy things for now.

Anyway, we're doing our holiday Shoot Out this weekend, the boys in the family (and me) go out and fire our firearms, plinking for fun. I get my Judge in time to try it out. I don't think we'll do a lot of plinking with it, more of a familiarization shoot. The ammo for it get's to expensive to just take it out to go blow about fifty rounds shooting at pumpkins.

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