I have a confession to make.

I've read these books.

I have siblings who have read these books and gush over how great they are (well, one in particular, love ya Corinne) and just out of morbid curiousity and the fact that they are a very quick read, I read them.

Actually, I just finished the last book in the series, which makes me wonder, as a person who has a penchant for making up bizarre names, who the hell thought Renesmee was a pretty name? Let me clue you in. It's awful. Plus the character is a major Mary Sue to the point that I was hoping that one of the other characters would kill her in the climax.

Anyway, the books, while not bad, are not tremondously great, as the main character Bella is completely clueless and lacks any and all common sense. I never empathised with her, I think I am incapable of seeing her point of view because it lacks all logic and I am a very logical person most of the time, hence why I think I've never been in love. I did like the alternate version of the original book of Twilight from Edward's Point of view where he wants to kill her, for some reason, I found that particular story more fascinating then the original version, mostly because I think I enjoy tortured characters. Don't ask me why.

Regardless, somebody who wishes to remain anonymous asked me if I wanted to go see the movie version *hey, they were paying* and against my better judgment, I went.

After hearing about it, we went in with low expectations, as I have heard many people were disappointed with the movie (Every time I go to church, I run into at least a handful of people talking about this series and how great it is). Going in with low expectations actually made it half way bearable because it exceeded in that area. While not bad though, at times I was wondering if I could bare the over drawn dramatization and how absolutely unemotional the characters were. Bella, our protaganist, lacks any emotion except for an overbearing dryness and what is supposed to be an over agonizing passion for one another comes off as completely irrational and a little bit on the creep scale. Plus, the supporting characters that go to Bella's school are almost hyperactive while Bella comes off as EMO.

When Edward mentions that he's been coming into Bella's bedroom for the last couple months to watch her sleep, I looked at my movie watching companion and we both muttered 'creepy' to each other.

And could we please get a few more arial shots of them up in the tree? I don't think we got the hint enough. They are up in a tree making lovey dovey eyes at each other. Please, emphasize this some more. I think you missed a couple angles.

So, the Twilight Phenomenom somewhat skipped over me, (yes, I was quite into the Potter Books, and still maintain that fandom) even though I match the demographic quite well for its fanbase.

But I'll probably watch the next book to see how they work the character of Jacob, who I actually kind of like Bella when she's with him.

Anyway, I'll end on this. this is actually somewhat enjoyable to watch.

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