The Taurus Judge

So, I picked up my new gun on Friday.

Saturday we did our annual turkey day range where we took various firearms and familiarized ourselves with them. I only shot a couple, mostly because later I found out I was a little under the weather (also hence why I'm a little late posting about my gun, but going into detail would fall under the TMI department) but I did get plenty of Judge time in.

Yes, just look at me there. I look like I'm about to pass out (and slightly hypnotized by the size of that handgun). I just didn't realize at the taking of this picture how gross I felt until later that night.

So, what do I think about this gun?

Quite frankly, I love it.

Whatever comes out the end of this thing is seriously going to $#@& you up

For one, it is suitably badass. I got it for self defense, and the hope that just looking at the thing would make a person reconsider doing anything to me and perhaps seek out an easier target that is not me. Of course, my goal is to also cause enough damage that a person won't have another opportunity to go after anyone else.


Two, ammo diversity. This things shoots a .45 colt and a .410 . There is about a half dozen different shots for the .410, the one I didn't try is the buckshot because they were sold out. Apparently the Judge is a popular handgun right now, and the buckshot is the preferred way to go. I'll get some later, but for now, I'm actually quite fond of the hollow point slug. Unfortunately, it's a bit on the pricey end, running a buck a round. So a box of 4 shot and .45 colt was used for familiarization purposes, and a couple slugs in a goard to see the effects.

I'm not a handgun person, but for a handgun, I really like the feel of this sucker. To include the grip, which is pretty comfortable in the hand. The kick was surprisingly limited for a .45, though this is probably due to the fact that I'm handling a revolver. But there is some. Still, we put up a few clay pigeons and those things went KaBlooie.

Very satisfying when they shatter.

However, this is definitely a close range hand gun. It's pretty accurate for a .45, and you just have to shoot the thing in the general direction of your target if you are using a .410, though the 4 shot is pretty weak in my opinion.

I need to get a few more goards and try the different kinds of shots, just to see what they do and the affect they have. But goards are, unfortunately, going more out of season the longer we wait. And they do make somewhat pricey targets.

I didn't get a huge opportunity to really get a feel for the different rounds and what they do, so I'll probably be taking it out again here soon for some more familiarization, and perhaps use some paper targets along with it.

And more rounds.

making funny faces at it doesn't help with the intimidation factor

Downsides? Well, maybe this doesn't make the best Zombie defense gun, as it only has five rounds a time. So I'll stick with Chuck as my primary Zombie defense weapon. And because of the style of cartridge, unloading spent .410 rounds isn't as easy as it should be, they just don't just pop out, and the ammo is a little on the expensive side, running between .70 to a buck a round where I got it. But it is not my primary plinking gun, I need to get a .22 pistol for that (awesome for plinking, cheap ammo so all the shooting you want to do without the guilt).

Hoodie + military issue gortex jacket
= not necessarily the most flattering picture I've ever taken.

End Verdict? Hell, I know I wouldn't want to get hit with this thing.

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