The Last Few Days

After being snowed in for about a week and a half, I finally managed to get out and enjoy the weather. On Christmas eve I headed over to the parent's house and hung out with family all day christmas day. But on Friday and Saturday, I went snowboarding, and yesterday I hit up Wild Walls and did a little wall climbing.

It was nice when I didn't have to drive anywhere, but it looks like I'm snowed in again. *sighs*

But one of the things I did notice, I wasn't online most of the time. And you know, it was a nice break for once. I enjoyed going out and doing things.

So, Christmas was quiet and simple, and I think I like it that way. It was definitely a white christmas, and everyone else is getting sick of the snow but i still love it and just want it to keep piling up out there. It melted a little on Saturday and Sunday, but now its back to snowing again. Yay for snow.

The mountains were fantastic. Most of the time when I go snowboarding in the Pacific Northwest, I ntoice it gets really icy sometimes. But the mountains got hit hard, though they don't have a good base, it's a thick powder. Wore myself out on Friday at 49 Degrees North and then got up and did it again on Saturday at Silver Mountain. Silver went well, but it was quite windy up there. I hit some thick powder and face planted a few times, discovered that I don't mind powder as long as there isn't a bunch of tiny shrubs and trees under it, because otherwise I get stuck. And getting stuck in powder isn't very much fun.

Actually, it can be quite a workout.

I'm going to try to go up to the mountains again soon, probably later this week, but only if I think my car can handle it. Otherwise, i need to find somebody who has four wheel drive capabilities to get a ride with.

Meanwhile, well, hey! I'm stuck! And my Xbox is at the Parent's house. I think I need to bring it back over here.

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