Bush Dodges Shoe, Left Laments

Alright, for all his faults and especially with this Bailout crap over the last few months, President Bush has been a severe disappointment (though his popularity rating continues to be higher then congress), but I don't hate the man. Actually, as a person, Presidency aside, I really like George Bush. I have a feeling he'll be just fine once he leaves the whitehouse, though his legacy might not be intact, just so long as Obama doesn't have a terrorist attack on his watch.

Anyway, you may or may not have heard of the Shoe Incident in Iraq, where Bush was holding his last press conferance as president there, and an Iraqi reporter stood up and lobbed a shoe at him. And then proceeded to throw the other one. The left are all in awe and rejoicing that somebody would throw a shoe at President Bush, also commenting on what an insult that is in the muslim world because the soul of the shoe is considered dirty, and universally they all seem saddened that Bush wasn't hit by the shoe and how fantastic that would be.

Then some news reports are adding insult to injury by stating that Bush 'cowers' at shoe throwing incident.

Look at this old guy and his cat like reflexes. What would you have done if you were in his position, take it in the face?

Bush of course, takes it with grace. I think he's developed quite a thick skin in the last eight years, considering he's been called all sorts of vile things. With the whole Obamamania going on, people need to remember that for another month, Bush is still our President. The least they could do was respect that position, if they hope that people will treat Obama with respect.

But the shoe dodging is impressive.

"Throw a shoe at me once, shame on--you. Throw a shoe--you throw a shoe, you can't throw a shoe again."

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