Rock Band Story - Endless Setlist

SO there I was, I'm still a little cautious about driving unless absolutely necessary so I'm still a little bit snowed in. Though I did manage to dig my car out of the pile of snow today, I didn't go anywhere.

I decided to play a little rockband however, just because it's a fun game, and I was playing it online with other people when I decided to try to get some more things unlocked on my band so I opened it up so others could play with me.

Then I get a couple of kids who ask if I have the endless setlist unlocked. I do, since I sort of beat the game already. So, um, that's 84 songs, in a row. From easy to the most difficult songs on the game. I've kind of wanted to do it, but I never had a real reason too, because you have to be ready to do it. No breaks through the entire setlist. It just keeps going. And going. And going. Until you play the most difficult song in the game.

Stupid me, I agreed to it. Yes, 84 songs, we filled the band with three complete strangers and started playing. I got bass. Which is probably a good thing, because some of those later songs would have killed me on guitar.

So, somewhere around song forty, we lose our singer. He was doing awesome too, but I have a sneaky suspicion one of our other players annoyed him to the point that he left, or he wasn't prepared at that moment to do an 84 song setlist. So the rest of the setlist was played with no lyrics. Just the drums, bass, guitar and whatever plays in the background.

And the songs get harder as you go, mind you. So we do alright, I found out that I could probably go to Hard on Bass while we went along because I never failed the entire time. But our guitarist, well, he was hurting. We managed to get through alright though, until song number 80. Metallica's Battery. Try as we might, I think after six hours of playing rockband, and it being about two in the morning and these kids are fourteen years old, well, we tried but we could not get over that hump of a freakin' song. I managed to save up enough star power to rescue the guitarist and the drummer, who also failed out while we played. No such luck. We restarted the song about five times, could not make the hump over the 49% of that dang song complete, so we got the idea of, well, they let us keep playing without a singer, what if we boot the guitarist and play just bass and drums?

Small problem, we discovered. See, the guitarist and drummer were playing on the same account. When the guitarist got booted, so did the drummer.

Leaving me all alone, just the bass, playing this freakin' setlist. Well, I made it this far, I decided to just finish the blasted thing. So I did. I one starred each song because the other players got 0%, and all I got to listen to was the bass to keep me going, but I finished that stupid thing. Almost failed the third from the final song too, but the last four songs were just me.

Well, got that achievement. And that's six hours of my life I could have spent doing something more constructive. Like sleep. Or something.

But good news, you don't need a drummer, or a guitarist, or a singer to finish playing the setlist and getting the pointage. You just need you and whatever instrument you are playing. Everyone else can drop out, you just keep plugging along.

Good to know if I temporarily lose my sanity again.

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