Vanity Shots

Every now and then, I make myself look nice and go get some pictures taken. Such was the case today.

Then I take them home and play with them in Photoshop for a while. Photoshop is the best thing ever for messing with pictures.

I love my camera. It is awesome. These action shots, where you jump around like a total goofball, it makes it easy to get the pose because it takes six shots a second. Pure awesomeness.

My sister found this stairwell in town and it is awesome for taking pictures.

And I had my sister highlight my hair. I feel much more refreshed with a much needed hair cut.

I like the somewhat candid feel of this one.

For a long time, I was mistaken for being younger then my age. Now a days, I'm starting to look more my age, which is actually somewhat of a refreshing feeling in some ways and in a lot of other ways, it is just another reminder that I'm that much closer to thirty.

But I don't like to show my age so much around my eyes, which is definitely where I'm starting to show it.

I think I am torn between making my pictures pop with color to having them very subtle. I think it also largely depends on the picture. This is me being a total goofball. Which is why I love it so much.

We found this door a few years back and my sister uses it for pictures with her business. But I love the feel of it, it makes an awesome backdrop for picture taking.

We took a gob, but I think I'll leave it to these for now.

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