Holy Crap it's COLD!!!

Holy crap it's COLD!!!

I was pretty much stuck in my house for the last few days because i didn't get snow tires on my car before the snow hit, and it's pretty much the kind of car you don't drive anywhere without snow tires when its cold.

Yesterday was frigid too. I got in my car to take it to get the tires changed when I was subtly reminded that it's time to change the batteries.

Because my car wouldn't start. And there is something about being told I had a weak battery when I got the oil changed when I left Kentucky. Hmm. . .

So I changed the battery all by myself, in frigid weather, running in and out of the house frequently to keep warm. It wasn't like it was cloudy and overcast or anything, bright blue skies, perfect snowboarding weather in fact, it was just so freakin' COLD!

I have been waiting for the snow for some time now, so now that I've got the tires on the car, I think I'm going to make a trek to the nearest open mountain to get a little riding in.

In other news, I am a proud Aunt of a baby girl, Chloe, which is the second baby born in our family this year. I have another niece, Sarah, born in November, and a third niece is due in February. Yep, it's feast or famine around these parts :) No pressure on me, nope. None at all :P

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