If you ever wonder what soldiers do on a drill weekend.

Um, we do lot's of stuff. Hooah training exercises, high speed power point presentatons, and Robot Chicken.

Yes, when there is a lull in training, there is nothing we like to do more in our unit then quote Star Wars Spoofs.

EDIT - Eh, it was only a matter of time before that video was ganked from Youtube

I wanted to do a little stop motion animation for a while now, just to see if I could do it (hah, hahah!) and when I was telling people what I was doing, everyone immediately brought up Robot Chicken. If I am able to do anything with it (I got them sort of molded out, now I have to write a fifteen to thirty second script so I can time it just right when I'm taking the Photogs, then I have to find the right software to put it together) I'll post the finished product here for all to see. Expect it in about five months.

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