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This year was a not my movie year. I didn't watch a whole lot of anything, but I did see some good ones, as well as some not so good ones. Hmm. . . Meanwhile, I thought I would give my own spin on the best and worst movies of 2008. Of course, there is a slight disclaimer, these are movies I've seen, so there might be better movies out there, and there might be worst movies. but I think overall it was not a great year for movies.

So, here were my favorites that were officially released in 2008, in no particular order. It was hard for me to find ten that was worthy of 'top ten', to be honest. Maybe I should see more movies? Or maybe Hollywood should pull their heads out of their behinds and put out something that is worth seeing?

In No Particular Order

THE DARK KNIGHT - This was the year of Batman, and Heath Ledger's portrayal of the joker really made this movie, though it is rumored to be the role that killed him. Definitely worth a view, and it is said to have some conservative undertones to it. It was definitely one of my favorite movies this year. Though I don't know if I'll watch it again any time soon. It's one of those movies I think I can watch once in a great while, because its to depressing to be viewed repeatedly.
Run, Fatboy, Run! - I don't know what it is about this movie, or maybe I'm just a big Simon Pegg fan (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), but I loved this movie. Yeah, its crude in parts, and I forgot about a few of them, but I just think its a sweet story that's funny. I think I need to go run a Marathon sometime.
Death Race - I actually just recently watched this, and it was surprisingly enjoyable. Lotsa Action! And that guy who plays in Transporter and Crank, I don't know what it is about him, but he plays a badass and so what if he's typecast. He's a hot badass.
WALL-E - I heard of the political undertones of this movie so I was a little hesitant to see it at first. That, and I didn't get to see most of the movies this summer because I was otherwise engaged in other activities, like intense frustration that was work related. But when I finally saw WALL-E, I thought it was cute, and the people in it actually cracked me up, the same way that Idiocracy cracks me up. Pixar can do no wrong.
Iron Man - In a year of super hero movies, this was one of the better ones. And it has Robert Downey Jr in it. And he makes this movie. Because otherwise it would be a slightly better version of 'The Incredible Hulk', which I didn't like.
Horton Hears a Who - Of the Dr Suess movie adaptations starring Jim Carrey, this one is excellent and holds true to the source. It looks like Dr Suess, and I love the story of Horton. I should have seen this one in theaters, it was enjoyable enough too. But alas, I saw 10,000 BC instead.
Expelled - Ben Stein's flick about the politics behind Science and Evolution vs the theory of Intelligent Design, it actually shows that not everyone in the science field is completely committed to Darwinism and some actually believe there is room for debate in this area. However, it also shows an ugly truth about how some voices are silenced, but whatever the case, worth a watch. They have some interesting points discussed, some I even took a little further to flesh out my Nanowrimo Project that I don't think I'll ever let anybody read, but for documentaries, was interesting. NOTE - since somebody brought it up, I didn't see this as religious propaganda at all. It was talking about scientific debate, not suggesting that Intelligent Design is the one and only explanation of creation, but it is suggesting that when members of the scientific community even mention it, they are ostracized and in a sense 'expelled', when the theory of evolution has its flaws.
Tropic Thunder - I put this movie on this list for one reason and one reason only. Robert Downey Jr. He makes this movie. Without him in it, this movie wouldn't be as awesome as it is. And Robert Downey Jr is full of Awesome. The whole spoof on war Movies is pretty funny too, though Ben Stiller forces it sometimes, but that's just Ben Stiller. Watch it for Robert Downey Jr.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Ok, not the best of the Indiana Jones fare, but I need to flesh out my list with ten movies and comeon, it's Indiana Jones! Though I wish they focused more on Harrison Ford and less on Shia LeBouf, or whatever his name is. And the Alien twist was a little out there, but then again, previous movies had to do with lost arks melting Nazi eyes, cults that rip people's hearts out of their chest, and of course the search for the Holy Grail that instantly cures one's ailments. So I guess Aliens aren't to far fetched. Now I want to know what Indiana Jones was up to between Holy Grail and this installment.
the Curious Case of Benjamin Button - This movie was actually not what I was expecting it to be. In truth, I thought it would be better then it was, but it was still an interesting movie that follows the main character as he, well, ages backwards. It has more of an artistic flair to it, but I think to really appreciate it, I may need to see it again. On DVD.

Honorable mentions:
Hancock - been wanting to see this for a while, but I was expecting more humor then it had, and it kind of ends up on the list because I didn't know what else to put here. But it has some funny moments, but I think it was marketed differently then what it actually was. fortunately, I was prepared, otherwise I would have expected outright humor and would probably have been disappointed. But otherwise, hmm, not a bad flick.
Eagle Eye - turn off your brain in some parts and just go with it, because obviously its not going to be like that, but action/suspense. You just hope some cryptic woman doesn't call you in the middle of the night with threatening messages.
Baby Mama - I was pleasantly surprised, I expected it to be a lot worse. But it was actually funny.

Want To See Movies - these are the movies that came out this year that I haven't gotten around to seeing, and may or may not have ended up on this list.
Get Smart - I've heard that this movie is a riot, so one of these days I just need to suck it up and rent it. Maybe when I have a day when I need a good laugh.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - ever since I heard about it, the premise behind it has fascinated me. I will probably view while in theaters. But if it appeals to me like I think it might, this could easily end up on my top ten list.
Yes Man - When Jim Carrey does his more traditional comedy routine, he does well, though the last movie he was in that I really liked was Eternal Sunshine (not counting Horton hears a Who). I'll probably wait for the DVD, have you seen movie prices lately? But it looks funny, on line with Liar Liar, which I thought was hilarious.

Bottom Of the Barrel

By principle, I try to avoid movies that I think will be bad. But I sometimes get smacked with a loser. Anyway, these are the movies I have seen (or partway seen) and just didn't like for whatever reason, or maybe liked a little, but not as much as other movies I saw, or whatever. I'm actually usually easy to please with movies, when I actually watch them. Anywho, you may disagree, but hey, this is my list of sucky movies, alright?

Then She Found Me - I don't know why I bothered with this one, I think the premise on the back of the box hooked me, but I couldn't stand Helen Hunt's character, she seemed completely devoid of emotion and didn't react in a believable manner. And cameos by a bunch of liberal activist actors turned me off. I couldn't finish it. It was just dumb.
10,000 BC - Made absolutely no sense, no consistency. You mean they used mammoths to build the pyramids? That explains EVERYTHING! I understand the importance of turning off your brain when watching something doled out by Hollywood, but you have to throw me a bone here! Regardless, this film was a stinker, we should have stuck with Horton hears a Who.
The Incredible Hulk - Watch Iron Man instead. Its practically the same movie, only better, and with Robert Downey Jr instead. No, seriously, the same plotline is in both movies. Don't believe me? Watch it.
You Don't Mess with the Zohan - I'm admitting I watched this movie. Adam Sandler, where did you go wrong? Ok, it was funny, sort of. And you can get some good quotes out of it. But I don't think I ever want to view this thing again.
Twilight - OMG, Edward is like, So HAWT! *gag me* How did I get dragged to see this droll? I guess it could be worse, and by no means the worst movie i saw this year, but makes the list with Bella being played as an EMO girl with absolutely no concept of showing the expression of Love. This movie went on way to long. good thing I went in with low expectations.
An American Carol - I want to like this movie, I really do. Anything that makes fun of Micheal Moore is great with me. But it was painful to watch in parts, and at other times felt forced. And please, if there was a free concert put on for the troops, nobody in the army would show up in their Class Bs. I don't care what the other services would wear, but we would all be in ACUs (or at least BDUs if your on that big of a budget). I get bugged by this sort of thing. It was funny in parts, and I like to contribute to more conservative movies, but damn I wish I could have put it in the 'favorite' column, but I can't. I'm sorry, but I can't!

Movies that would have Probably Made this List Had I seen them.
Journey to the Center of the Earth - Not saying I outwardly avoided it, but I have heard things. But maybe it's worth watching? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?
Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Do I need to explain this muck?
HSM3: Senior Year - Am I the only female on this planet that thinks Zac Efron's hair looks stupid? Please tell me that there are other women out there that agree with me.
Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds - You might catch the hint that I'm not a big fan of the tween fare. But there could be worse travesties out there I presume. But they really made a movie out of this? And it did THIS well?
W. - Yes, please, let's make an unfavorable movie about a sitting president, that sounds like a fantastic idea. And then let's harp about respecting the office of the presidency when somebody does a spoof about Obama. double standard? maybe a little.
Disaster Movie - Any movie that ends in 'movie' is a dud in my book. I'm not going to waste my time.
Stop-Loss - Why yes, let's see a movie about a bunch of soldiers bitching about going back to Iraq. This is Pro-Soldier you say? Sounds more like pro-desertion to me. No thanks, I'll pass. And believe me, when it comes to the military, I'm pretty good at bitching.

So, there's my little list of movies for this year. I want to see how my list stacks up against others, though I seemed to have avoided the artsy awardsy fare like Milk (I think I'll pass) and the like that will probably end up on most awards lists.

Movies of 2008

UPDATE: Saw Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and while I think it's a good movie, it wasn't what I quite expected it to be. However, I think I need to put it in my top ten because it is better then Hancock, which wasn't what I was expecting it to be either.

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