Obama Worship

So I'm finding this trend of Obama Worship rather disturbing.

See, it's one thing to be proud of your president and all of that. If you think the guy is great, awesome for you.

But I wonder, were schools named after JFK while he was still in office?

There was also talk of making a national holiday in honor of 'The One'.

Should we put up giant posters and erect massive statues in his honor while we are at it?

I don't want to say it, but usually, in the US of A, when we honor a President with monuments and statues, libraries and schools named in their honor, you do it after they served their time as president. After they have proved that they are a President worth celebrating.

Barack Obama has not even been inaugurated yet and people want to bow down and worship him.

If anything, this rings truer to Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il then Abraham Lincoln and FDR.

If we want to create a holiday in Barack Obama's name, do it AFTER he's served his time as President and proved to be a successful President. Not before he's been sworn in on account of Hope and Change. Because if he proves to be a huge disaster and the Change he brings isn't the kind we hoped for, I think a few people will be regretting naming their schools after him.

People talk about the Hubris of Barack Obama, this certainly adds to his enormous ego.

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