Anal Retentive? You Betcha!

Ok, so I finally got my books in for class this quarter, except they made an error. And I'm pretty certain they made an error because when I ordered the books I made sure I was ordering them for the right class.

So I got a Geometry book instead. I don't need a f*%@#& Geometry book, I need my research methodologies book, and although I can probably get by this week without it, I will need it by next week and so I will need them to ship it to me ASAP so I can get it without having to worry about it.

However, I'm pretty certain this is their error, not mine, and because college is expensive enough, I'm not going to pay anymore then I have to considering I have to pay to ship this book back to them. So I drafted an email.

Oh, and yes, the invoice they sent me in the mail did mention the Geometry book, but once again, pretty certain that when I ordered the books, I ordered the book I needed and not a geometry book.

My Tactful yet very Persistent Email.

I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention to the invoice, and didn't notice until I recieved my books, but I am 99.999% (meaning pretty damn) certain I had ordered RESEARCH METHODS PKG WESTWOOD - ISBN# 0618556400 but I recieved the book for the Geometry class I dropped out of instead. I need this book pronto, like yesterdary, and I'm not asking to be charged for the overnight shipping on the book you mistakenly did not give me, since if you had given it to me like you should have, I would have recieved it on time. I will be sure in the future to check the invoice closely and make sure that I recieve the books I specifically requested, but now I would like to have the one I need.

Any help on your part to resolve this issue would be most appreciated, and I will send back the Geometry Book for the class I dropped out of ASAP. But since I have to send it back on MY dime when I did not order it, and you sent it to me anyway, I would like to NOT BE CHARGED for the shipping on the book that I do need. If you are unable to resolve this issue satisfactorily, I can resolve this issue by taking my business to another school. Because this kind of stuff bugs the crap out of me.

A hasty reply will be appreciated. I'll be home pretty much all day tomorrow (Tuesday).


PS - Just to clarify that once again, pretty certain that this is your error and not mine.

Think they will get the hint? Or is it not threatening enough?

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