Life Never Goes as Planned

So I dropped two courses, so no blog research paper for me. I was kind of looking forward to doing it, but I was just assessing my probable plans in the next two months and it didn't look wise. One class looked manageable so Digital Layout it is. Actually I like this class and if I have familiarization with Indesign, I know I can get a job. Actually, with the software knowledge I have, I can get a job working with computers which is actually pretty cool. Like a newspaper or magazine place, or maybe even a gaming company somewhere in Utah.

But before I search for a job that doesn't entail stripping magazines, I have to get past this little mobilization I keep hearing about. The one that ends in Knox.

Well, I've heard the latest, and its not necessarily bad, but its not good news. The mob date has been pushed back by two months.

In other words, I didn't have to drop the two classes I thought would drive me stark raving mad.

Actually, they probably would have. Eh, no regrets from dropping out here.

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