Blogging is Fun

I've got a bunch of cousins and family members that blog now, telling others about their lives and their families, and here I am, single, in school, and right now probably the most boring person on the planet.

It's bizarre to think that I've been blogging for six years now, and when I started this thing was not that big of a deal. In fact, it will take me a while to get all of my archives up but that is one of my goals before I hit the Trail (the trail being Drill Sergeantese for training soldiers).

Well, anyway, like I mentioned before, right now I'm feeling a little under the weather, and one thing I've noticed is how little I post pictures of anything these days. But I don't really have the camera I want (my sister Arah has a great camera and its along the lines of something I would like to eventually get for myself.)

But whatever the case, here is some pics of me, in all of my glory, taking pictures of myself with my first digital camera, which is awesome for these kinds of shots because it has a flip up viewfinder so you can position yourself exactly in the frame as you want to see it. However, it doesn't zoom out as nicely as I would like, but it does take great (although relatively small by today's standards) pictures.

I admit, i do love the winter, and the snowboarding greatness it allows me to take part in, but the thing I do not love about the winter is what it does to my skin. I have the world's worst skin, and I never help matters with it. When I get regular son, it seems to do alright, but when I'm indoors a lot, like I have been, and not being able to exercise and run like I want to on account of all the snow outside, I look pasty and pale and 'bleh', gross.

But the camera does snap pretty good pics of you being all vain and taking pictures of yourself.

I took this right as the phone rang, and I glanced over. So it's a semi candid shot. Hmm. . .

"Hi, uh-huh. Yeah. Oh, don't mind me, I'm just snapping shots of how pale and sickly I look right now while I'm talking to you. I'm listening. . ."

Actually, these pictures kind of betray how I feel. Other then the fact that I look like I have no blood circulating in my face, it white washes the redness under my nose and the fact that my face is peck marked to no end.

Gotta love photography sometimes.

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