I've gained a snowboarding buddy from my unit. He actually just came in last month and since we both snowboard and I'm always looking for somebody to go with, we decided to hit the mountains together. Yay.

Whatever the case, me being the insanely independent person that I am, I usually try to take my own car with me whenever I go somewhere. My car is my security blanket. But he talked me into meeting him at his place and going up together in his truck. Becuase conditions were icy and it's a good way to save on gas money.

So I drive over to his house, problem is there is like a foot of snow on the ground and he lives kind of out in the country a bit. I just see tracks leading up to his house and think "hmm, that must be the driveway."

Instead, I ended up in a ditch, with no way to go forward or backward. My car is great in the snow, but it can only do so much when I plow it in a ditch.

Fortunately a truck and a tow rope were handy and my car was pulled out safely.

Conditions were fantastic, and the snow on the road kept the crowds away. We hit Silver Mountain this time around and boarded hard, by the end of the day my thighs were killing me.

Yes, great exercise, awesome conditions, and a snowboarding partner that is not somebody I'm teaching to ride for the first time.

Things are good!

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