The Resolutions Post

Happy New Year!

Every year I make Resolutions, just something to keep in mind of what I want to get done this year. Let's see how I did shall we?

  1. Earn My Hat
    And in earn my hat, I mean my green curve australian bush drill sergeant hat. If anybody has read this blog in the last six months knows, mission accomplished. :)
    • Have all six modules down before I leave for Drill Sergeant School.
      Heh, I had three and a half? Not all lost. Looks like I didn't even need to get them down like I thought I would. I still have Position of Attention Ver Batum.
    • -Better be in better shape then current over the next two and a half months.
      This was assuming I was leaving for Drill Sergeant School in March. . . I broke my foot, you can't really get into great shape when you have a gimp foot.

  2. Make E6/ Staff Sergeant
    I've got my rocker, and it fills good! Pay check's nice too.
  3. Make a decision with School. (stay with current school? Find a new one?)
    I'm kind of on a mixed decision with this. I'm staying with my current school, but I don't know if I'll complete this degree or not. I like some aspects of it, but I don't know if I'm getting the education that will make me competitive in my job field. So yeah, its a bit of a wash.
  4. Get Back Into Painting (repeat resolution)
    It looks like it will go into my resolutions for this year as well. *sighs*
  5. Pay off all current debt (car, best buy card main ones) with an exception of student loans.
    Still got my student loans, but all of my credit cards have been paid off this year. I do have an outstanding balance on my Best Buy Card again (I just bought a new laptop) but if I pay it off in six months, no interest. This is doable. But dang those student loans. Necessary evil.
  6. Roadtrip. California and Utah primary destination.
    It didn't happen. I think a road trip this year is very likely, but California will not be a destination.
  7. Get a better sleep schedule (one where I'm not as prone to sleeping in so late.)
    I still have my slothful moments, but overall I do a lot better about getting up when I need to get up and going to bed at decent times. But overall, I've done a lot better on this then this time last year. Work has been helping with consistent scheduling as well.
  8. Keep ferrets from having to go to the vet for Earplug removals and things of that nature.
    Blaine had a few moments there this year where I had to take him in to get checked out, but he did well in staying away from earplugs and other blockage items. However, considering I don't own ferrets anymore (would like to own some again in the future, if the opportunity arises) but seeing that I don't own any ferrets, this is a completed resolution, right?

Looking back, I didn't make a whole lot of resolutions for 2007. But with the old comes the new, so these are my goals this year.
  1. Paint more (I told you, it would be back)
  2. Max APFT (this is completely and 100% doable)
    • Make at Least 70 points in each event on the male standard (I'll be training males at Knox, I want to be able to do anything and everything I ask them to do)

  3. Accomplish every task on the Confidence Course
  4. Earn a pair of wings (Air Assault, Airborne, whatever, I'm not picky, and Campbell is just two hours away)
  5. Buy a Handgun
  6. Effectively Juggle at least one college class with a mobilization at all times.
  7. RoadTrip (almost certain to happen this year!)
  8. Effectively grab an edge and land it on a snowboard.
  9. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane (Maybe already stated, but if I don't get Airborne, I still want to go skydiving. Or Bungee Jumping at least. Something crazy like that)
  10. Keep a semi regular update on comic. (This might die during mob, we'll see)
  11. Keep Election Year political talk semi civil minded. Unless Hillary is involved of course.
    • Vote for the Winning Candidate.

  12. Don't go stark raving insane.

That should keep me busy. As always, resolutions may be altered over the next few days as I give myself time to think about them.

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