Soundtrack Moved

So, I moved my Soundtrack, to the top of the page. Now I noticed with Firefox the music doesn't play until you scroll it into view, but when you use internet explorer then it goes right into play. So, I moved it to the top and altered it a little so it takes a little less room (but for some reason, you can't scroll all the way to the bottom of the playlist but oh well)

I like the soundtrack, but it gets in the way of my videos, and somebody did mention (I only had one complaint, yay!) that they didn't like listening to my music and would rather listen to their own so you can listen to my music or shut it off with great convenience. Unfortunately, it sits at the top of my blog and clutters it. Bleh!

I think I might like a smaller playlist, so I might have to go about searching for one so it takes up less room, or I can put it in the sidebar. Anybody have any recommendations?

Or should I just get rid of the thing?

Edit - Ok, I hid it for now. I'm going to figure out something else to do with that thing.

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