Who's Your Candidate?

So with the primaries in full swing, election year is coming upon us *shivers*

I got sent a link to an interesting questionare that will help you discover who your ideal candidate is. Here's my results.

82% John McCain
74% Mitt Romney
73% Mike Huckabee
72% Tom Tancredo
70% Fred Thompson
62% Rudy Giuliani
53% Hillary Clinton
52% Bill Richardson
49% John Edwards
49% Chris Dodd
48% Barack Obama
46% Ron Paul
43% Joe Biden
29% Mike Gravel
22% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Hmm, McCain looks to be my ideal candidate for the most part, though I find it interesting that Hilary of all people is coming up as my top Democrat *gag!*. I don't trust her and think many of her policies that has her playing as a moderate is a ruse to get her elected.

I'd rather have Barack Obama get elected over her, though honestly I don't agree with his policies as he's a bit on the socialist side. He's predicted to be our next president, I guess I like him as a person, he's got excellent charisma, but he's quite young. I think there are a lot of people who are excited about the thought of finally electing a viable minority which is one of the reasons why it seems like Obama and Clinton are the heavy hitters on the democratic side, but that's about as a good a reason to vote for somebody like the fact that Mitt Romney happens to be a Mormon is the soul reason NOT to vote for him.

I guess for me religion might play a piece in things, but I'm not going to vote for Romney because he shares my faith, I want to vote for him because I agree with his policies and think he will make a good president, but it looks like I'll be voting for the Republican anyway, whoever that may be, rather then the Democrat. Of course, Blue State Washington, it probably won't make much of a difference. We aren't exactly a swing state.

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