Life continues, sort of.

I've been spending the last few days watching Season 3 of Lost, Drawing, Sleeping and working on homework. I need to work on homework more often.

I've also been working at work, but fortunately they have been pretty small shifts that aren't that big of a deal.

So I haven't been doing much of anything lately, so my sisters talked me into going to see Juno with them. Cute movie, funny, I laughed. I think I'll end up buying it. Though the moral lesson isn't always the best, I think in the end she does the right thing. Probably one of my new favorite movies to come out last year. I need to update my movie post.

My brother plays Call of Duty 4, a lot. The multiplayer online deathmatches are interesting to watch, because the entire time I'm critiquing it because it is obvious why you get killed so much in this game, because everybody flags everybody else (of course, fratricide is optional), there is absolutely no MOUT techniques used and people rush into fire zones all the time. Oh, and nobody really cares if they die or not because they'll just respawn. Overall for a video game it is pretty realistic, i hear the campaign mode follows more rules of war but I can see using this game as an example to privates of WHY we don't do certain things. Like flag our battle buddies.

Overall I'm feeling better though. I need to get on my homework now however.

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