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Ok, so I got tagged to write 7 strange but true things about myself by Joe over at the Bunker Blog.

To be honest, I don't think there is really a whole lot of strange but true things to write about myself that I haven't already written about. But what the heck, here it goes. For those of you who have followed me for some time, you might already know these things.

Strange But True - 7 Things About Me

  1. I can throw a pot with my feet. I know, strange, and something I've mentioned before.

  2. For a while, I considered my sexual orientation as Anti-Sexual (and discovered that there are other people out there with this view). I never really considered myself as a child of being a girl or wanting to be a boy (I was a huge tomboy, btw) but rather, I just wanted to be me. I didn't want to be viewed as anything and I hated it when my parents forced me to dress up in girly clothes to go to church. It's kind of weird in that I tend to demonize sex a lot in my writing as I tend to view all aspects of the topic. I'm curious about it, yes, but I'm more curious about why people do it. I guess in a way I am still a Anti-Sexual, but I view myself as Straight even though I have an attraction to both sexes. But its more in an artistic way, I see the beauty of the human body, I just don't want to have sex with it. Is that strange about me? I think so. Maybe that's the reason why I tend to refuse to date? It didn't stop my brother in law from calling me a Repressed Lesbian however.

  3. I have a very well functioning Gaydar. There are a few good friends I knew in High School that I had suspicions about but were straight at the time and have later come out as being Gay. More then one friend in this fashion. In fact, when people come out of the closet, it usually doesn't shock me.

  4. I didn't realize I enjoyed writing until my Senior Year in High School. I never wrote before this time, but since I discovered I liked to write, I haven't stopped. My early writing is very painful to read, because my inexperience is very apparent, but I've written probably around the neighborhood of at least 20,000 pages worth of stories. I don't let anybody read them however, for a variety of reasons. See bullet 2.

  5. I have experienced Memory Loss. Not a lot of people can claim this (unless they are a character on television), but I can genuinely say that I have had Amnesia. I remembered who I was, but I had no clue about the date, what I had done, and why I was completely out of my mind. I freaked out pretty bad. Not a lot of fun, but interesting to think about. I had often wondered in my youth what memory loss would be like. Now I know.

  6. I am dysthemic, meaning I suffer from chronic depression. I've come to just accept this about me as a fact of life really, it was a problem when I was younger but since I've grown older and matured a lot, its not a debilitating factor like it could be. As you can see, I'm still pretty frank and honest about myself. For a long time I thought I was probably bipolar because I can get into some crazy moods, I have mentioned that I can act drunk without getting drunk, because I can get really uninhibited. However, these highs are actually not common enough to classify me as Bipolar. So I was diagnosed as a Dysthemic when I was in Kosovo.

  7. i have maintained a webcomic off and on for about six years. I think this in itself qualifies as strange, as most webcomics have a lifespan of about a month. If they get the first post off the ground.

So there you have it, a few strange but true things about me, and now that I look at it, its not altogether strange. Maybe I should think about it a little more, but I can't figure out anything.

I don't tag, so if you want to do this and post in on your blog, be my guest. But, er, maybe you can come up with some stranger factoids about you then I can. I can't think of anything right now.

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