Soundtrack Added! Yay!

Ok, if your sound is on and your browser supports it, you will probably hear some music in a moment. Now, I can understand if you, like me, get a little annoyed when you visit a website and music suddenly pops out of nowhere. Well, I suggest you do one of four things if you hear it.

A) Sit back and enjoy, I tried to pick songs that were low key and soothing (or depressing) but none should be obnoxious I would hope.
2) Scroll down and hit the pause button. The player is on the bottom of the page.
III) Turn the sound off your computer so you don't have to listen to it if you choose not too.
f. Close the website after voicing your displeasure in my music tastes in the comment bar of my blog. I will probably ignore your complaint however.

Life is better when a soundtrack is added. I'll put songs I like on it at random.

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