I have a mission now. A mission in which I need to stay motivated beyond all costs to get myself into peak shape so that I can earn my wings.

Apparently, due to the fact that the US army is stretched pretty thin, slots for Airborne School are up in the yingyang and anybody who can pass the physical and wants a shot at earning those wings can try to get them. Even folks in Army Reserve Units with no Airborne Slots.

So now, on my blog, I will post a little icon, which includes a message to myself, so that I can remember what my goal is.

My goal is to pass Airborne School. In order to pass Airborne School, I need to get myself into top physical condition before I go. That means I need to get my ass up in the morning to run every day.

I want this, I can do this, i just got to keep myself motivated long enough to make it happen. If i'm lucky, maybe I can get one of those slots in November or December. . . I just gotta keep myself in check to do so.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!

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