Shameless Linkage

I found a couple new webpages that I like. Protest Warrior, which is a group that goes to various left wing protests and kind of demonstrates against them. Their mission pretty much states the way that I believe, as any other good conservative might believe. I wish they were more in my area, I would definitely love to take part!

The other group is Communists for Kerry, who has a secret agenda themselves. See, they aren't really communists, and they don't like Kerry. They act a lot like Protest Warrior in that they go into these groups and paint blatant pictures that if you look closely, you would realize that they are actually against Kerry.

Haha, gotta love these guys *snickers*. I have to pass on joining any group under the guise of Communists for Kerry, however, mainly due to the fact that having something like that on my record might be taken for something it isn't.

Just to satiracal websites. Gotta love it. Mostly I gotta love this ambush on the Today Show by Protest Warrior! Forget the two anchors in the foreground, just watch those people in the background! You can't miss that blatantly obvious sign and its message, portrayed to Millions on NBC!

Third site that I have to pimp for a couple of reasons, one because its another blog, and two, he knows the definition of Blue Falcon (one of my favorite terms). And oh does he speak my mind!

I'll be adding more links to my sidebar as I find them, along with other things that catch my interest.

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