In non-kerry news. . .

My days will now consist of me going to work, doing homework on the internet, and preparing myself to run. Preparing myself to run generally means thinking about it, planning it, trying to figure out what i need to do to accomplish it, without actually running.

What's more, my knees been bothering me again, and I can't got Airborne unless I can get my knee cooperating again.

Been painting on my easle, because i recently bought this great big easle so that I can throw my anger out on a canvas instead of other mediums (like this blog) and am looking forward to finishing up my mess on my current canvas, which includes fixing up Red, Blue and Brown. I've been working on Brown this last week, personally I think it makes a little more sense, and I was sick of people commenting on one of the figure's leg and asking if it were a penus.

No it is NOT! It's a leg! That is all.

Now I will go back to casually thinking about the rest of my course. And I really need to mail that letter back to get my medical financed. And get my financial aid deferred. And talking to Matt about getting the army to pay for the rest of my schooling *the bastards*

It's to late to send the last letter to Michalski. I knew I should have mailed it right away (blast it all)

That is enough blathering for now.

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