My First Gun Show

This morning, around 7ish. . .

Me - zzz. . .
Phone - *ring ring!*
Me - *picks up phone* "'ello"
Jared - "Hey Kami, you awake?"
Me - *grunt*
Jared - "What are you doing today?"
Me - "I have to pick up something at nine. Why?"
Jared - "Wanna go to a gun show with me today?"
Me - *grunt* "maybe. I'm kind of asleep, why don't you ask me later."

At around 8:30, I finally woke up, and got talked into going into a gunshow. Never been to one before.

Four hours later, I came home with an AK-47 to go with the ammo that was given to me (yes, I bought a rifle to match my ammunition), and a membership to a magazine called Woman's Outlook, which I must say, has one of the funniest pictures in it I've seen of a woman modeling a rifle slung over her shoulder in a mirror. Kind of like she was thinking to herself "does this Carbine match my sweater?"

Oh, and with it came a one year membership to the NRA.

Hey, what can I say? I like firearms.

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