Scourge of Politics

I guess I better watch what I say or else this will be a political blog, but I really can't help myself.

I feel that Kerry has been digging his own grave, and the democrats were fools for nominating him as their choice for presidential candidate. The man has no morals, no backbone, and apparently he's starting to break under pressure. I can't help but laugh at this pathetic attempt for him to defame one of the few 527 groups that seems to be working against him.

From a 527 group that has an agenda that for once appears to be personal rather then political.

I've been watching the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for about a month now, more so recently then ever before. I even bought their book.

Even if half of what they say is true and the other half is bogus, I am fearful of seeing this man elected as my Commander in Chief. The whole thing is his fault however, it was his decision to run for president based on his fishy Vietnam Service Record as opposed to actual concrete actions in his Senate Career, mostly because his Senate Career is a joke.

I guess he thought he could rely on people's adament hatred for President Bush to pull him through. The problem is, anybody voting for a candidate because they hate the other candidate shouldn't be wasting America's time by voting so ignorantly (and I feel a lot of people I know are voting this way). What does John Kerry have to prove for himself? Nothing!

What does Bush have to prove? Well, at least I can say he is a man of his word, he does what he says he will do. Maybe he didn't tell us all the truth, but I don't think he outright lied to the American People. I can respect Bush, I can't say the same for Hanoi John Kerry.

And being a member of the military, Kerry's actions following his service in Vietnam is really striking a chord with me, and it ain't one he should be striking. And I have a feeling if a lot of other Veterans look closer at him and his record, they would see the same.

I think that's what's happening now.

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