More News from the Political Front

Please pass this by if you don't want to be forced into thinking about how to vote this upcoming election. . .

Kerry is blasting the groups Swift Boat Veterans For Truth for their 'smear campaign' against him, as the fact that their book 'Unfit for Command' has become a best seller and they can't be exactly ignored anymore like the media has been doing left and right.

So, basically Kerry is saying that the Swift Vets don't have a right to voice their opinion on what is going on in the Kerry Front, however, obviously Kerry gives Micheal Moore box seats at the Democratic National Convention which is basically stating that Micheal Moore has every right to put a smear record on the Bush front. Moore's movie Fahrenheit 9/11 is a documentary on the conspiracy theories that Micheal Moore believes is going on in the Bush White House. So he has documented claims.

So does the Swift Boat Vets, in fact they were eye witnesses to what went on in VietNam. They have already forced Kerry to come clean about his lies in being in Cambodia in Christmas (which was a pretty big lie if you ask me), which makes me want to ask, what else did Kerry lie about? It sounds like he has been lying about a lot of things. And putting a big fat smear record on our vets after he got back is something I'm not about to forgive him for.

If Kerry wants to silence the Swift Vets for their Smear Campaign, he better do the same thing to MoveOn.Org, which means silencing a person's freedom of speech.

This looks like blatant hypocracy to me.

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